14 Jul 2015

Reviving ownCloud Bookmarks

Submitted by blizzz
ownCloud Bookmarks

Upfront, In case you did not get the news: last week we released ownCloud 8.1, despite the version number a major release!

Now I could spent a week to follow a pet project. I picked ownCloud Bookmarks, which was launched years ago also by me. After some time I left it over to others and thankfully, eMerzh was the following maintainer. During that time and until today, the app was further improved and polished, and also rewritten to work with ownCloud's app framework. Unfortunately in the recent past half year or so the Bookmarks app was mostly abandoned, still with some contributions, but nobody care-taking.

To prosper and to flourish, Bookmarks shall! Reviving it was and is my mission :) I will take over maintainership again, and still it will only work of the contributions will stream again! There is not much time I will be able to dedicate, nevertheless sufficient to maintan and manage. The app, as it is not overly big nor complicated is a good starting point to step into ownCloud development if you do not want to dive into core directly.

What I have been doing in the recent days was to go through the open issues and pull requests and verify, categorize or sort them out. Failing tests on master were fixed, two contributions were refreshed, and as of now one already merged. There are still things on the line, like rethinking releases and taking over the entry on ownCloud's app store. Also I am working on getting a more consistent layout as known from the common ownCloud experience.

This is my invitation to you users and develepors interested in ownCloud Bookmarks, to pick it up and work together on it. Especially to make it move forward, and ideally to find more co-maintainers. Check out the Bookmarks Github repo!


Great news! So currently I have Bookmarks 0.4 running on my ownCloud 8.1 - do I need to do anything in order to update??

A new release was not done, yet. What you could do is to take it directly from git, however you'd be living on the edge and might see bugs next to new things.

Yes, great news! I've been using the Bookmarks app for years and have dabbled in Owncloud app development and I'd love to help out with this.

@Tmciver Awesome! If you like, you can start reviewing or testing this pull request: https://github.com/owncloud/bookmarks/pull/173 or try to fix bug. An easy starter would be https://github.com/owncloud/bookmarks/issues/136. Also, ownCloud devs hang around on IRC in #owncloud-dev on Freenode.net for immediate conversation. Just to suggest few starting points.

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