4 Aug 2015

Recently I set up the Karma Javascript suite for locally running the Javascript tests for ownCloud. Since it was not totally straight forward to get it up an running, here be my setup notes.

First, it requires Node.js. They can be installed right out from the repositories. As I read somewhere, more recent versions are available on some PPA, but this one is sufficient. npm is its package manager.

19 Oct 2013

Kubuntu 13.10 has been released a day before yesterday! Hooray!

I did an upgrade a little bit prior to the final release, and everything went smooth and works properly. There is just one thing where I needed to put hands on manually. This is my Apache (used for development only) configuration which seemed to be incompatible with the version brought with 13.10. This however is nothing Kubuntu specific, but related to all Ubuntu-flavours.

22 May 2012

This years LinuxTag is coming close! For the nth year in a row the German Kubuntu community will represent their distribution of choice at Europe's leading conference for Linux and Open Source. For the first time, also ownCloud will attend there, with a community and a commercial booth.

It will also be the first time for me not to be directly an the Kubuntu booth, but – thorugh my involvement – mainly there for ownCloud. We also just released ownCloud 4! We like to give you a look on our freshly baked version, meet us and drive us up the wall with questions.

27 Oct 2010
Last weekend I hat some nice chats as well at Ubuntu Release Party in Berlin, as well as something like a talk circle. Out of those I like to share some application tipps with you:
  • style

    style is a command line utility that can analyse German and English texts and gives out a whole lot of statistics. Style differs among the parts readability, sentence info and sentence beginnings. From Camilla's point of view, who introduced this tool to us, the Flesch-value, which ranges from 0 to 100 (except for C language ;) ). This, some other rates and statistic information like number of long and short sentences are given and are useful to stylecheck your documents.
19 Oct 2010
Ein kurzer programmatischer Rückblick auf das letzte Wochenende und eine kurze Vorschau und Einladung zum kommenden Wochenende.

Ubucon 2010

Am letzten, für mich nur auf den Samstag reduziert, fand die Ubuntu Anwenderkonferenz Ubucon in Leipzig statt. Mit über 250 Besuchern und einem breiten Vortragsprogramm ist diese wohl ganz erfolgreich verlaufen. Von daher ist es schön, mit dem Vortrag zum KDE Plasma Desktop Teil des Programmes gewesen zu sein, als auch natürlich vor Ort gewesen zu sein. Nächstes Jahr schaffe ich es hoffentlich auch wieder über alle Veranstaltungstage da zu sein. Nicht nur wegen der Torte... Dazu möchte ich hier noch kurz meine Vortragsfolien zum Download anbieten. Durch die primäre Erstellung in HTML (es sollte unbedingt auf einer Aktivität im Webbrowser Widget laufen ;) ), brauchte der PDF Export etwas Überredung. Wunderhübsch sind sie so nicht, erfüllen aber Ihren Zweck. Sie sind auch den Ubucon-Organisatoren zur Verfügung gestellt und werden demnächst sicher auch über Vortragsseite zu haben sein.
25 Aug 2010

For the fifth time, FrOSCon took place. I think i have been there now for four years now and is has always been a fun and interesting conference. Just like this weekend. Completed with Monika and mcas, we ran the Kubuntu booth, next to our friends from KDE and Amarok.

Kubuntu booth

But a little fraction we distributed all of our Kubuntu CDs, the local user group TroLUG and also KDE took over also good amounts for further sharing. Thus and because of the good conversations, FrOSCon has been a success for the German Kubuntu Community.

11 Feb 2010
Meanwhile it is the day before yesterday, when the KDE Community released KDE SC 4.4 and yesterday, when Kubuntu published the packages. It is great to see how the desktop environment matures and still getting new and terrific features. One of the finest features – i think – is window tabbing. It is as simply as that: you pick some single applications and group them in one window. Actually, i enabled it only few hours ago, but generally i am thinking of grouping applications for a certain, specific task, but also grouping applications for a superordinate purpose. Like communication. In the following screenshot i arranged all real-time and micro-message programs, which are Konversation (IRC), Choqok (Identi.ca), and Kopete (Jabber and stuff). Great thing is that if I open a chat window in Kopete it is sorted automatically (like JR).
Demonstration of window tabbing in KDE SC 4.4
29 Oct 2009

Es ist soweit! Ein halbes Jahre nach unserm Wolpertinger-kompatiblen Fabelwesen ist heute der Tag des Koalas.

Kubuntu 9.10 bringt nicht nur das aktuelle KDE mit, sondern auch zig neue Anwendungen und Features, eine experimentelle Netbook-Variante und viele Clients und Anbindungen an Social Media-Dienste. Bisschen ausführlicher gibt es die Meldung auf kubuntu-de.org :)

10 Sep 2009

As reader of Planet Ubuntu might now, the nice porgram vrms from the self-named packed shows how (un-)free your system is. Mine:

21:53:49 blizzz@xara:~$ vrms

Non-free packages installed on xara

fglrx-modaliases Identifiers supported by the ATI graphics driver

latex2html LaTeX to HTML translator

nvidia-96-modaliases Modaliases for the NVIDIA binary X.Org driver

6 Sep 2009

My use case is that i use my other computer primarily for watching TV (my notebook overpowers it and i use it with dual screen at home). So, usually i don't need a full blown KDE, but only kdetv as i have an older analog TV card plugged in. Thus, best is to generate a kdetv-only session.

Therefore you need basically two files. The first is .desktop file that populates your session, the second is the script which is being started if you log into it. Let's take a closer look: