25 Aug 2010

The frogs again - FrOSCon 2010

Submitted by blizzz

For the fifth time, FrOSCon took place. I think i have been there now for four years now and is has always been a fun and interesting conference. Just like this weekend. Completed with Monika and mcas, we ran the Kubuntu booth, next to our friends from KDE and Amarok.

Kubuntu booth

But a little fraction we distributed all of our Kubuntu CDs, the local user group TroLUG and also KDE took over also good amounts for further sharing. Thus and because of the good conversations, FrOSCon has been a success for the German Kubuntu Community.

Besides the organizers put up another great lecture programm. My personal highlight turned out to be Benjamin Mako Hill's keynote, although it was not too illuminative he still was good at communicating the contents and turned out to be a likeable guy.

Hill: But there is hope

So, thanks for this prime event, the cake and the good time!

FrOSCon's 5th birthday