17 Jul 2009

Some sort of alive

Submitted by blizzz

Oops, it's now half a year since my last blog entry. That's quite a bad performance... However, I am back (I think^^). As this post contains only some personal updates, some of you might want to stop reading here and hope for something interesting in the next time.

Actually I don't want to tell a story about the six months, either. Most of them were full of work, study, hobby and love, so nothing special. First of all I want to thank a lot of good friends for their support in the previous month that has been really killing me in a emotional sense. So thank you for your shoulders, ears and eyes: Christian, Jan, Marcus A., Markus K., Robert, Joachim, Arne, and Björn (in random order, sorry to who i forgot). You are a vast help to me, i'm indebted to you.

Having a look ahead again, I brought in my bachelor thesis today (thanks a lot to Kile and LaTeX people!), marking the beginning of the final phase in my study. Ahead of me lie one and a half months until my oral examination and one more until finishing my cooperative study. Hence I am looking for a job and actually having a good number of interviews i have a rather good feeling about this.

To complete, i have some ideas for blog posts, look forward to FrOSCon (though we – kubuntu-de.org – could need some more help there) and I will see if i can attend at or contribute to Ubucon again.


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