18 Aug 2015

This August: ownCloud Contributor Conference 2015 in Berlin

Submitted by blizzz

The ownCloud contributor conference comes closer and closer! Roughly two weeks are left until it kicks off on August 28th here in Berlin. You did not register yet? Please do at the conference site.

With time passing rapidly our dear Jos is like the sedulous ants, taking care of all the smaller and bigger things, hopping to and fro. Helping around a bit, I feel the air is heating up and tension rising. Yeah!


Our target audience are ownCloud contributors also in the wider community sense. It is all about pushing ownCloud forwards and making it better and better continuously. Therefore the conference consists of two days with Keynotes, inspiring Lightning Talks and hands-on workshops. Other five days solely concentrate on hacking, having half a dozen rooms for coding and discussing. There's even a dedicated "meeting room", which you can reserve if you invite people to discuss a matter in a more calm atmosphere. While diligent Jos takes care that there is enough caffeine you can turn into code (and other supplies of course).

If however you consider yourself just more interested and want to see what is going on in ownCloud County and feel the pulse, do not hesitate to visit the conference days on the weekend. There is no entrance fee, but please register to make our planning easier.

Keynotes, Workshops and Talks

Our guest keynote this year will be hold by Angela Richter, who is a director at Schauspiel Köln, the national theatre in Cologne, Germany. One of her recent works that received popularity was "Supernerds" which was based on interviews with Julian Assange, Thomas Drake and others. Read also a more detailed introduction of Angela Richter.

Another Keynote will be traditionally hold by ownCloud founder and CTO Frank Karlitschek. There will be also a few talks (compared to standard lightning talks), for instance show-casing complex ownCloud setups at CERN and Sciebo (DE). There are several workshops where you can get into development of literally everything: ownCloud core, apps, desktop and mobile clients, but also underlying libraries as SabreDAV.

We put focus on lightning talks, thus when they are on there will be no other talk or workshop running. They are short, so will not be boring. You definitely will see inspiring topics, so you can get your hands dirty in the hacking sessions. Or, at least, get the news of what else is happing in our little universe.

You can browse the whole conference schedule. Take a look into the Lightning talks, because the contents of each you can see on their detail page.

My contributions

Also I will do give some lightning talks and a … let's what will come out of it. A short overview:

  1. What happened in LDAP County, Lightning Talks Part 1, Sat 12pm
    I will give a review on which changes were introduced to the LDAP backend since the last conference.
  2. Experimenting with LDAP, Workshop, Sat 3.30pm
    Here I want to offer a platform to learn about and play with the LDAP Backend. I plan to drive this solely on questions and ideas from the attendees. We shall learn, hack and see. Bring your questions and thoughts. Also join if you plan to contribute to the LDAP Backend.
  3. ownCloud Music Streaming on SailfishOS, Lightning Talks Part 2, Sun 10am
    A tech lightning talk for beginner in SailfishOS app writing from a beginner. I will show how to make your shanties from ownCloud Music play in a very simple player on your SailfishOS device. Very much recommended if you're tired of all the web programming all the time :)
  4. ownCloud Bookmarks, Lightning Talks Part 2, Sun 10am
    An introduction of one of the oldest apps in ownCloud and a call for contributors. It was stagnating recently, and I want to revive it.
  5. Do you have any questions or suggestions on those? Shoot them via the comment form below!


Still did not register? Do it! As said, entrance is for free, but we would like to plan and foresee the number of attendees. If you are already a contributor and have some pull requests merged into the code base (or have other significant contributions) but struggle with finances to pay the travel costs, you can ask for assistance. If you really cannot do it, we will stream the main conference room (keynotes and lightning talks), but you miss all the hacking fun :'-(.

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