27 Dec 2022
timeline chart of memory consumption of my apps across different builds

For a while the growing memory usage of my Nextcloud Talk app for SailfishOS was a kept in the back of my head. For the longest time the potential leak was an occasional observation: when looking which apps or processes may hoard memory. My app was never slim, and it looked it would only grow in RAM usage.

So this was a problem I wanted to tackle for a bit, although I was lacking tooling (was already digging there without much success) and in depth understanding of the technology used (after all it is a side project with pragmatic goals with very limited time resources).

18 Aug 2015

The ownCloud contributor conference comes closer and closer! Roughly two weeks are left until it kicks off on August 28th here in Berlin. You did not register yet? Please do at the conference site.

With time passing rapidly our dear Jos is like the sedulous ants, taking care of all the smaller and bigger things, hopping to and fro. Helping around a bit, I feel the air is heating up and tension rising. Yeah!

15 Oct 2013

Photo: Dominik Wagenführ, CC-BY-SA

Last weekend I attended Ubucon, an Ubuntu user conference organized by the German Ubuntu community. I was giving a talk about, surprise, ownCloud. If you are interested in my talk, please find the slides in PDF on the program page. Beware, they are in German! Those who have seen my talk, please give your honest feedback on the Ubucon feedback page!

A detail that is not on the slides is that I was wearing my "I am the first one" Jolla T-Shirt (like this). It provoked the question about an ownCloud mobile client for SailfishOS. I want to answer it here as well.