19 Oct 2013

Kubuntu 13.10 Release, Apache Configuration Adjustements

Submitted by blizzz

Kubuntu 13.10 has been released a day before yesterday! Hooray!

I did an upgrade a little bit prior to the final release, and everything went smooth and works properly. There is just one thing where I needed to put hands on manually. This is my Apache (used for development only) configuration which seemed to be incompatible with the version brought with 13.10. This however is nothing Kubuntu specific, but related to all Ubuntu-flavours.

I published information on how I got it working again on Diaspora, but I want to share it with you here as well.

  1. The vhost files now need to have a ".conf" extensions. So "example.tld" needs to be renamed to "example.tld.conf" in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and reactivated by sudo a2ensite example.tld.conf.
  2. The Actions module was somehow disabled. I needed to re-enable it by sudo a2enmod actions.
  3. Permission handling changed. You need to specify "Require" as shown on the dabase blog.

There may more things you could face. I do not have a complete overview, but it is all I was confronted with. I hope this is of help for you.

ownCloud server packages

Kubuntu 13.10 (as any Ubuntu flavour) provides ownCloud 5.0.10 in the repositories. While it is not the latest release, it's a version containing all security fixes in the 5.x series. If you prefer Ubuntu repositories over ownCloud OBS repository, you are good to install ownCloud from there as well.

As I have been informed by Kubuntu icon Jonathan Riddell, he is preparing packages for ownCloud server 5.0.8 for earlier Ubuntu releases that are supported by the Updates repository. 5.0.8 is the last version that contains security fixes. It is supposed to hit the repos in about 1.5 weeks from now.

Happy Saucy Salamander!


I went through the same headache yesterday and it's because Saucy ships with Apache 2.4 which introduced those changes.

Here's a sample commit to show some key differences: https://github.com/anavarre/drupal-8-tools/commit/bf5efc864763ac99efcf15...

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