22 May 2012

ownCloud and Kubuntu at LinuxTag 2012

Submitted by blizzz

This years LinuxTag is coming close! For the nth year in a row the German Kubuntu community will represent their distribution of choice at Europe's leading conference for Linux and Open Source. For the first time, also ownCloud will attend there, with a community and a commercial booth.

It will also be the first time for me not to be directly an the Kubuntu booth, but – thorugh my involvement – mainly there for ownCloud. We also just released ownCloud 4! We like to give you a look on our freshly baked version, meet us and drive us up the wall with questions.

Some interesting talks in the ownCloud / KDE / Kubuntu context may be those (Berlin time):


Can you help me with Samba LDAP TLS? (OC 4) Where should I place my certificate files? Sorry for offtop. I want it realy bad, but can’t find any information about the question I have. Thanks.

Hi Vladimir, certifiactes are rather an LDAP server setting than something related to ownCloud. Can other software connect to your LDAP via TLS? If not or unknown, consult your LDAP server manual, otherwise you can send me an email with a detailed description to arthur@owncloud.com. Cheers

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